For any teacher trying to encourage creative invention, there is nothing like the use of multi-role machines to exercise the minds. It doesn’t matter if it’s for children or adults.  To conceptualise a flying car for instance, how do you design the body shape? On cars, every surface is designed to push you down harder on the road the faster you go, whereas on an airplane every surface is designed to give you lift, so how does that work out? Add in four wheels and heavy road tyres, brakes and a gearbox and a flying car will never have enough power to lift the weight. What would you do you do with the wings when its on the road?

Creative invention questions just pour out of multi role designs and that is the basis of this website and our aims.

Our aim is to get the collection seen. At the moment we are looking for suitable premises, preferable near Chepstow in South Wales UK but it could be elesewhere and compliment an existing museum.

If you can help, please contact us.