Sponsorship and Donations

Our Land Air and Sea exhibits aim to bring future generations into direct contact with the 'inspiration, aspiration and a 'go for it' attitude of the highly motivated and skilled dreamers that lie behind our exhibits of creative invention. We believe that these are among the most important attributes we can pass on and that this is one of the most exciting ways to achieve it.

Our collection is currently funded from private resources due to the perceived unacceptable costs and restrictions of registered charity law. For those who share our aims, we need your help by way of financial and material help in the following ways.

Donated Items

For all donated items and financial assistance we are lastingly indebted. A full acknowledgement and receipt for donations will be given and entered into our records.

Please always remember that our visitors are interested in everything about the items. Who built them, who used them, what the creative dream was and what problems were faced and overcome (or not as the case may be). Even photographs of the shed or workshop and its location plus photo's of the creators are of great fascination and historical record. This could be a dignified and fitting way to pass on the memory of a loved one, or in which to pass the thrills and lessons of your own creative inventions to inspire future generations.

For donations we have had to regretfully decline (storage space available means tightly targeted collection items only), we say a very big thank you for having had the generosity and greatness of spirit to have made the offer. We will always be interested in holding records, even of items we may have had to decline. We may also ask if the items are available in the future should our collection become greater in size than we currently envisage or as we change the display from time to time.