Miniature Submarine

Miniature submarineRecently acquired - we have a one man miniature submarine!

This was apparently built by a marine engineer to his own design and after having researched the subject for around two years.

It was apparently tested and used in and around in the Plymouth Bay area UK, where it was dived to depths of around 17 metres.

Beautifully and professionally constructed of galvanised steel, it has an electric motor powered propeller, joystick operated rudder and screw driven hydrovanes.

Diving is controlled by buoyancy tanks back and front into which water is permitted by opening valves and driven out for surfacing with compressed air tanks, which are located under the seat. It has a headlight on the front for spotting whales and treasure hunting with lots of windows in the conning tower to see out of and even one in the top hatch!

The chap we got this from had lost the name and telephone number of its creator and if he sees this, or someone else knows where he is - we would love to hear about its origination, construction and testing as this is a great dream, fits well into our exhibits and kids are going to be madly inspired by it.