The Amfibidiver, or Amfidiver

Amphidiver submarine on water surfaceA twin seat machine, that drives on land, floats like a boat and dives like a submarine.

The motto and the quest: 'Riding, Floating, Diving'

Imagine a superb 'film quality' exhibit of a futuristic, shark like underwater travel machine coupled with novel but practical engineering methods of pressurization, stabilization and the ability to drive on land and you have the Amfibidiver.

We defy anyone to look at this machine without their heart rate going up!


Amphidiver submersible vehicleSuperb is the only description for the incredible high quality of concept, design and engineering that make up the Amfibidiver. This is a 'must see' for anyone interested in engineering for the lessons it can teach.

The Amfibidiver is a very portable machine and can display as an attention grabber at events or as an impressive inspirational learning tool for schools and colleges etc. A series of educational sessions are being prepared based on the Amfibidiver ranging from underwater design considerations to prototype design concepts, construction and alterations.. We have been provided with a beautiful record of its construction story including many clips from newspaper articles. It has been displayed at several boat shows in Belgium and on television.

For exceptional events, or film opportunities, its inventor may also be available.

The brain child, dream and workmanship of self taught engineer, inventor and adventurer Ren'e Baldewijns from Belgium. Ren' e has many hair raising adventures in small boats to his credit. He spent several years dreaming up and designing the Amfibidiver and a year constructing and testing it. He has a small team of interested helpers who follow his amazing adventures including Katty Vermeulen, who was project manager for the Amfibidiver.

Ren'e says it is simple. Just take one dream, the fuel tank of an airplane, two bicycles, the motors from five electric wheelchairs, the hull of a sailing boat, seven drink containers ( a real justification for that empty bottle collection), several kilos of resin, a few garden seats and several miles of electrical cables. Mix it up with a years work without pay, some incredibly dangerous testing work, enthusiasm, total dedication, utter exhaustion and many sleepless nights and you have one Amfibidiver!

So there you are fellow inventors - get to it. If you can create anything half as good as the Amfibidiver you will have a masterpiece of engineering to be proud of.