The Australian Shark Submarine

Australian shark submarineWhat can we say about this fantastic looking thoughtSubmarine we have christened 'The Shark' and comes to us in the UK all the way from Australia?

Well the answer is not much at the moment - because it has just been delivered in this giant packing case and it's raining!   We can say however that it is much more complex in it's build than we had first thought and will find out more over the next week when (if) it stops raining!

Come on all you Guys and Girls from Melbourne Australia we need to know more about this sub, who made it and when - give us a lead and contact us

Our thanks to Graham for this one. Found by him in a Melbourne scrapyard around 1990, this was once someone’s dream and passion. Who was that? If you know, please contact us

Bought from the scrapyard toshow on a pole for business advertising, it never actually got there and has sat under cover ever since.

This shallow diving submarine was made from the drop tank of an F/86 Sabre and still has the ID plate on it to prove it! A 24 volt system with batteries is set in the nose and an open section in the back  (possibly for inflating tanks). It comes complete with a snorkel for shallow cruising.